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My name is Wassily Kazimirski.I was born 1986 near Berlin and studied photography design. My work reaches from minimal topographics to complete geometric abstraction.


  • 2007 „U-Bahnisierung“ Berlin – 2008 „Lichtenberg“ Museum Lichtenberg
  • 2010 „Trompoleil“ Bethanien Berlin
  • 2017 „Family and Friends“ Berlin
  • 2017 „Berlin Graphic Days X“
  • 2018 “Artrooms 2018” Rome

Find my latest minimal photography projects and if you have any questions or you have found something you like: please do not hesitate to contact me.

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TitelBerlin 1080x675 - Homepage


(Berlin 2017) This is an ongoing project. "Berlin" combines urban and suburban landscapes. The focus lies, as always, on defining a typical color palette of the city. I hope everytime you come around you will find some new pictures here. I am not sure right now about...

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It never rains on Cabo Verde

(Cabo Verde 2016) Since my mother lives on Santo Antao/Cabo Verde this island has become my second home.     "It never rains on capo verde" shows photographs so simple and beautiful as this country and his people.This series combines minimal topographic pictures of...

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IMG 9041 1 1080x675 - Homepage


(Los Angeles 2016) I created SimpliCity as one of some series 2016 since I lived in Los Angeles for a couple of month. This one continues my minimalistic photography under palm trees and shows large formats of minimal pictures with a wide color scale that let you feel...

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Lights 5 von 14 1080x675 - Homepage


(Berlin 2008) I realized Citylights 2008 in Berlin. Citylights combines bulb exposure pictures of blurred nocturnal city lights. Some colors are elongated by moving the camera. Whats special about this series, are the pulsing colors of a pulsing city. Next to "weiss",...

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weiss 1 von 1 2 1080x675 - Homepage


Berlin 2006 (ongoing project) - Weiss (german for "white") is an ongoing project which combines abstract forms of lines, dots and large white planes which gives an expression of luxury. If you like my abstract work, you should watch my series "Citylights" too....

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