TitelBerlin - Berlin
(Berlin 2017) This is an ongoing project. “Berlin” combines urban and suburban landscapes. The focus lies, as always, on defining a typical color palette of the city. I hope everytime you come around you will find some new pictures here. I am not sure right now about the presentation of these so you can´t find them in the shop right now. But please don´t hesitate to contact me about it. And please don´t forget to follow me on Instagram and Facebook (lonely over there 🙂


An der Wuhlheide

AnDerWuhlheide 2 von 3 - Berlin
AnDerWuhlheide 1 von 3 - Berlin
AnDerWuhlheide 3 von 3 - Berlin

Kreuzberg 1

Kreuzberg1 2 von 2 - Berlin
Kreuzberg1 1 von 2 - Berlin

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Lichterfelde 3

Lichterfelde3 2 von 2 - Berlin
Lichterfelde3 1 von 2 - Berlin


BerlinBaugerueste 1 von 2 - Berlin
BerlinBaugerueste 2 von 2 - Berlin
DSCF5874 - Berlin

U5 I

5BF1FBC7 6FB8 485A A540 629863F6CEB5 - Berlin
Briefkaesten1 - Berlin

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My name is Wassily Kazimirski. I am a photography-designer based in Berlin and I have a passion for minimalism. My work reaches from minimal topographics to complete geometric abstraction. This is my official homepage.

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