Titel - SimpliCity
(Los Angeles 2016) I created SimpliCity as one of some series 2016 since I lived in Los Angeles for a couple of month. This one continues my minimalistic photography under palm trees and shows large formats of minimal pictures with a wide color scale that let you feel the flair of California.

Los Angeles

DSCF8219 Bearbeitet Bearbeitet - SimpliCity
DSCF7095 - SimpliCity
DSCF7037 - SimpliCity
DSCF6530 - SimpliCity
DSCF6524 - SimpliCity
DSCF70932 - SimpliCity

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DSCF6807 - SimpliCity
DSCF6892 - SimpliCity
DSCF9409 - SimpliCity
DSCF6644 - SimpliCity
DSCF8940 - SimpliCity
DSCF7306 Bearbeitet - SimpliCity
DSCF6596 - SimpliCity
DSCF9380 - SimpliCity
DSCF8271 - SimpliCity
DSCF6958 - SimpliCity
DSCF7334 - SimpliCity

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My name is Wassily Kazimirski. I am a photography-designer based in Berlin and I have a passion for minimalism. My work reaches from minimal topographics to complete geometric abstraction. This is my official homepage.

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